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Where is your course work?

From high school, tech college, university
or that short course from five years ago?

Do you remember much of it?
Do you remember any of it?
Are the details rusty like the metal binders of your old file folder?
Can you find that crucial break down of the
problem that you’re knee deep in right now?

What good is all that course expertise doing if
it’s buried in a basement, attic, chest, trunk or
land fill somewhere – particularly when you need it.

Wouldn’t it be great to save your knowledge on your
computer as you are learning, then sync it
across your devices and back it up in the cloud?

Endorba is the app that keeps your knowledge in
an organised library on your computer,
so all your understanding is only a few clicks away.


Design and build your own course.


Practice and perfect course content.


Share amongst friends and family.

Your Custom Course

Endorba features a unique content editor that is dedicated to creating and editing course materials that are stored on your computer in an organised library.

Design tutorial activities that communicate ideas and create test activities that assess knowledge and provide instant feedback.

Leverage the power of multimedia by adding rich image, audio, video, document and web assets to your courses¹.

Ace the Exam

Present course materials as activities to master and maintain
your knowledge of anything and everything that matters to you.

Endorba features question & answer styles that favour recall over recognition.
Direct entry questions require a specific answer with minimal guidance, finish-the-statement questions are answered as a natural language sentence, and multi-choice questions feature up to six randomly-chosen, randomly-placed answers, making guessing strategies redundant.

Practice for an exam and let instant answer feedback and content references guide you to mastery. Raise the stakes with activity and task time limits to mirror the pressure of a real exam scenario¹.

The endless customisation and detail provided by Endorba will provide you with a fitting advantage ahead of your next examination.

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Multiply & Diversify

Absorb the collective knowledge of your extended network by sharing courses with other Endorba users².

Share and receive courses in moments and broaden the scope of your library by receiving courses outside of your traditional domain of knowledge.

Stay in control of shared courses with permission and personnel limitations that allow custom arrangements to be made and updated over time.

Your Course Library

For macOS 10.15 Catalina or later.

  1. Media asset editing and time limit editing require Endorba Plus membership.
  2. An Apple® iCloud® account is required to participate in course sharing.