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ActivityAn entity that bundles tasks together to form a coordinated presentation.
Asset, CourseAn item of media content that is used to supplement text content in an activity.
Asset, WebA course asset that presents web-based content as a media asset in an activity.
ChapterA container for activities within a module.
Content, ContainerAn item of course content that is not presented directly but acts as a container for other content.
Courses, modules, chapters and activities are container content.
Content, DescendantAny item of content that rests below a target content item within its course family tree.
Content, ParentThe item of content that a target content item descends from.
Content, PresentationAn item of course content that is capable of being presented during an activity.
Tasks and course assets are presentation content.
Content, CourseAny item or type of course-related content.
Courses, modules, chapters, activities, tasks and course assets are considered course content.
Content, TargetThe item of course content that is the current target of the application’s focus.
CourseA container for all the course content associated with a particular course of study.
DomainA broad field of knowledge that a course is assigned to.
Family Tree, CourseThe arrangement of course content within a particular course.
When browsing a course’s items in the library you are navigating up and down the course’s family tree.
Hierarchy, ContentThe system that standardises the structure of each course family tree.
The hierarchy defines that family trees are arranged: Domain > Course > Module > Chapter > Activity > Task.
Home, LibraryThe state of the library scene when no item of content is selected.
When the library is in this state, a listing of all available domains is displayed.
Hub, SharingThe scene within the application that displays the details of any sharing arrangements that are in place.
Inspector, TaskA side bar that provides information about the current task within the activity content editor.
LibraryThe area of the application that allows you to navigate through your library of course content.
ModuleA container for chapters within a course.
Navigator, ActivityA side bar that displays the details and status of the tasks in an activity.
Presentation, ActiveThe part of a task presentation where the task’s primary operation is completed.
Presentation, ReviewThe part of a task presentation where the result of the task’s primary operation is reviewed.
A task review presentation is often referred to as a “task review”.
SubjectA specific area of study within a domain that a course is assigned to.
TagA short expression that describes an item of content and can assist in searching for it.
TaskA single unit of work within an activity.
Test ConditionsA type of activity presentation where the intention is to test a user’s knowledge.