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Create an Asset

  1. Sign in and open the content editor, editing any item (course, module, chapter or activity) from the course that the new asset should be assigned to.
  2. Open the course asset manager by choosing View > Content Editor > Browse Assets from the application menu.
  3. When the course asset manager appears, click the Add Asset (+) button to display the ‘New Asset’ menu.
  4. From the ‘New Asset’ menu, choose the desired media type of the new asset.

If creating a web asset, skip to step 6.

  1. A macOS open panel will appear prompting you to select a source file for the new asset.

A view will appear that previews and summarises the potential media asset.

  1. Review the asset contents and assign an appropriate title and age advice rating to the asset.
  2. Click the submit button to create the asset and add it to the parent course.


  • Individual course assets are limited in size to 100MB.
  • Your library will happily store shorter video and audio clips, but long-form video or audio is best uploaded to an internet media service and accessed via a web asset.