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Find a Library Item


  1. Sign in and navigate to the library scene.
  2. Select the domain that the target content belongs to.
  3. Select each of the target content’s parent items within the library browser until you see the target content displayed as a library item.

When the target content is displayed in the library browser you can view more information about it by displaying the detail view.


You can find an item of content from your library by performing a library search.

To start a library search, go to the library scene and:

  • Click the Search (🔍) button in the library navigation bar, or
  • Choose View > Library > Search from the application menu, or
  • Press the Command-Shift-O keys on your keyboard.

NOTE: Endorba Plus membership is required to perform a library search.


You can find an item of content that was the focus of a recent event by selecting the event within the recent events view.

When you select an event in the recent events view, the library will navigate directly to its associated content.